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Could your organization do more to positively impact future generations and the environment?

Minimizing the environmental and social impact of all organizations.

In a world of limited resources, our current way of life is simply not sustainable. It is believed that we would need 3 Earths if the entire world lived with the same consumption patterns and habits as those in Japan.。

While almost everyone understands the role that governments in creating a sustainable future, many individuals and organizations are not aware of their own environmental footprints, nor how much of a difference changes in their actions can make.

Increasing the number of individuals, companies and schools that plan and implement sustainable business and environmental practices and education aligned with the SDGs is crucial.

Led by Earth Company, the Operation Green program aims to assist organizations and their people in transitioning to more eco-friendly practices and to increase the number of organizations participating in this shift towards sustainability.

Operation Green Activities

Operation Green implements three key strategies to assist organizations in transitioning towards more sustainable practices and creating a regenerative future.

1."Implementation Support" to assist in the process of identifying and transitioning to sustainable practices
2."Introduction of Eco-Initiatives" to actualize the shift towards sustainability
3."Building Connections" to expand the number of organizations also taking part in the transition.

While it may seem intimidating and overwhelming to embark on this journey, transitioning operations and practices to become more sustainable can start with low-cost, easy-to-implement measures.

When frequently and consistently undertaken as part of a larger plan, these efforts can have a significant impact on the environment and can ultimately decrease management costs in the long term. Additionally, the process itself can foster a positive cycle – inspiring employees and students to shift their mindset and develop skills aligned with SDGs.

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