Program for Schools

Operation Green for Schools is a transformative and practical program to learn about the SDGs through inquiry based learning and integrated study at school.


The Impact Academy provides students with an in-depth introduction to exceptional change-makers (Impact Heroes) in the Asia-Pacific region who are dedicated to achieving regenerative futures. The program helps students grasp the essence of the SDGs through the use of their intuitive and creative thinking, and develop plans for action through logical and analytical thinking.


Through this process, students become more self-aware, igniting the desire to take proactive action. This program helps students turn their desires into transformative leadership opportunities, resulting in both personal and school-wide transformation.

Three key features of the program:

1. A student-centered learning approach to environmental topics
2. Students are empowered to think critically about the future from an educational perspective
3. Students are exposed to diverse and current case studies from both within Japan and internationally to expand student's perspectives.

The program is suitable for schools that:

  • Wish to integrate SDGs learning and education on climate change to encourage positive behavioral change, but are unsure of where to begin.
  • Aim to enhance students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills through inquiry-based learning.

Program Breakdown

Operation Green’s School Transformation Program


This program aims to empower students to promote sustainability within their schools and their own lives. The program begins by exposing students to successful sustainable practices through case studies in Japan and abroad.This helps to expand their understanding of environmental issues.


Students will subsequently learn about the connection between their lives at their school and global environmental issues. They will then be supported to take action through the use of our unique Carbon Dashboard and Circularity Checklist. The program is facilitated by Earth Company and aims to instill in students a sense of responsibility for shaping their future through sustainable behaviors and practices.

【Additional Programs】

“Mielka Steps” 3-Step Program

This begins by utilizing our proprietary Carbon Dashboard and Circularity Checklist to gain insight into the current state of affairs. Students then work to link the relationship between their actions and broader environmental issues. The final workshop has students contemplating steps that can be taken in schools to make them more sustainable.

“Earth Challenge” 3-Step Program

For schools looking to engage in more casual sustainability efforts, Earth Company provides the "Earth Challenge" program. This program includes studying the background of environmental issues, determining specific actions related to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, implementing those actions and reflecting on the progress made through the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). This program includes a review of actions that have already been taken.

Operation Green Circularity Checklist for Schools

Various measures can be taken to achieve sustainability at schools.

Operation Green identifies and categorizes these measures into eight categories: waste reduction, water conservation, water quality conservation, energy conservation, renewable energy, CO2 reduction, work style reform, and others. For each category we also identify specific actions.

Our program evaluates whether schools are already taking these actions and/or if they can be improved to achieve greater sustainability.

The actions listed in the mandala, below, are just a selection of the circular measures we suggest. If you would like access to a more comprehensive checklist or action plan, please contact us.
Mandara for company