Program for Companies

Operation Green for Companies is a transformative and practical program that supports companies to improve their social and environmental footprint in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the principles of a circular economy.


Working with the Impact Academy highlights the current global challenges in the areas of social and environmental concerns and shares examples of circular economy initiatives through case studies. By exposing participants to innovative and inspiring examples, the program supports the first and second steps in transforming a company into one that creates a sustainable future for the next generation.

Three key features of the program:

1. A tailored program to meet your needs, offering a range of options from employee trainings that increase personal awareness, to implementing real actions within your company.

2. Employing tools that provide visual representation of the environmental impact, simplifying the planning and implementation of the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

3. Broadening perspectives by exploring cutting-edge examples from around the world, including the exemplary circular business model "Mana Earthly Paradise."

This program is suitable for companies that:

  • Are eager to work on contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but don't know where to start.
  • Want to raise awareness of circular economy and sustainability among their employees.
  • Want to enhance their corporate brand among the socially conscious Generation Z.

Program Breakdown

Operation Green’s Company Transformation Program

The program begins by educating about circular initiatives that can be implemented. Next, using our specially designed checklist, we will assess the current efforts within the organization and identify areas for improvement. Based on these findings, we will then start planning internal changes, focusing on desired outcomes rather than limitations. After narrowing down the range of potential actions to 2-3 key policy changes, the program will involve employees in hands-on activities to enhance engagement and understanding of a circular economy.

By engaging the employees, we aim to cut down on wasteful operational expenses and unnecessary negative environmental impacts while promoting a culture within the organization of "actions speak louder than words", achieving sustainability from the ground up.

【Related Programs】

Visioning Workshop

In this workshop, attendees will learn about sustainability, share their company's future aspirations in this area, and through discussion, identify a direction as well as concrete actions to help fulfill their company's specific sustainability vision. As they discuss "the unique value that only their company can provide," participants’ belief in their company and their motivation for work will increase, developing a mindset to achieve the company's vision.

“Mielka Steps” 3-Step Program

This begins by utilizing our proprietary Carbon Dashboard and Circularity Checklist to gain insight into the current state of affairs. Participants then work to link the relationship between our actions and broader environmental concerns. The final step has employees contemplating steps that can be taken in our workplaces to make them more sustainable.

Earth Challenge

We support the planning and implementation of an in-house campaign plan that challenges employees to undertake ethical actions over a period of 7 days. Earth Company will provide themes for small sustainable action challenges, such as "reducing your daily plastic waste." By formulating targeted actions and encouraging employee’s involvement, we aim to hone their "ability to take action" and "ability to understand" through hands-on experience.

Bali Retreat (number of days requested)

Seeing is believing! Experience Circular Economy in motion, firsthand, by staying at the next-generation hotel that embodies sustainability, "Mana Earthly Paradise" in Ubud, Bali. The length of stay and purpose of the retreat will be used to create a tailored program that includes immersion in nature, understanding the lessons we can learn from traditional Balinese culture, and witnessing the amazing social innovations taking place in Ubud.

[Case Study]

A coworking space that promotes sustainable living
Fujimi Forest Office (Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture)

[Program Joined]

Operation Green


As a place where a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and with different occupations gather to network or collaborate, this coworking space was an ideal place to promote sustainable living through our Operation Green program.

[Circular Measure Put Into Practice]

  • Ending the sale of plastic bottles

  • Switching to eco-friendly and locally sourced office supplies

  • Installing water-saving valves

  • Introducing simple recycling efforts at garbage stations

  • Encouraging employees to bring their own plates and reusable containers to reduce plastic usage in food carts/pantry

  • Implementing a food waste disposal machine and a composting system. The compost is later donated to a local flower garden.

  • Selling beverages in glass bottles collected from local liquor stores and offering products from local coffee and tea shops to support local production and consumption.

Operation Green Circularity Checklist for Companies

Operation Green identifies and categorizes measures into eight categories: waste reduction, water conservation, water quality conservation, energy conservation, renewable energy, CO2 reduction, work style reform, and others. For each category we identify specific actions that can be taken.


The program will inquire about the following actions: "Is your company currently implementing these actions?”; “Are there areas for improvement?”; “How can they be improved?”; and, "How can we improve?” By identifying what is being done and what is not, we will help employees and leadership evaluate and take steps towards a circular shift within the organization.


The actions listed in the mandala, below, are just a selection of the circular measures we suggest. If you would like access to a more comprehensive checklist or action plan, please contact us.